Great Marathon Races

According to the latest statistics, more than 640 marathons will take place in the United States during 2013. Given the huge number of choices available, you may feel that you need some orientation in order to decide which are the top marathons you should attend this year, whether you are a seasoned runner looking to beat your personal record or just a beginner in the world of marathon running.

Marathon Racers

Continue reading for a lowdown of the US top marathon races.

The New York City Marathon

The New York City marathon is a classic race that no runner should miss out on. This race has been the favourite event of runners from all over the world since 1970, and it is always held during the first weekend of November. Only 127 participants registered for the first edition of this race, but the popularity of the New York City marathon has increased to the point that registration is done using a lottery system. The marathon course takes runners through Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Harlem. In 2012, more than 43,000 people completed this race.

The Los Angeles Marathon

Established in 1986, the Los Angeles marathon is already in its 28th edition. Last year, more than 14,000 participants finished the race, which is traditionally held at the beginning of March. The LA marathon takes participants through the city’s most iconic landmarks, such as Dodger Stadium, Beverly Hills, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Rodeo Drive, and Santa Monica’s Pier. With such a first-class course, it must be hard for participants to avoid the temptation of going sightseeing!

 The Honolulu Marathon

The Honolulu marathon offers the perfect opportunity to combine a holiday in paradise with a strenuous physical workout. More than 20,000 runners completed this race in 2012, and many of them stayed for a few days in the idyllic Hawaiian islands once the race was over. The Honolulu Marathon is held in December, so if you have been training hard during the whole year, the timing of this race is just right.

The Skagway Marathon

When it comes to the number of participants, the Skagway marathon cannot be compared to the classic races held in New York or Los Angeles. However, this race has a unique appeal that will undoubtedly attract hardcore marathon runners. The marathon organisers market this event as 5 per cent tough and 95 per cent brutal, so get ready to test your stamina to the limit by running through the dramatic landscapes of Alaska.